SaaS Application Web App

The SaaS Application Web App is a sample application where you will provide your SaaS service.

This component is the equivalent to where anonymous users are able to navigate to, explore your various service offerings / pricing tiers and onboard.

.NET 6 Bootstrap 5.1 Azure Web App
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Administrative API

The Administrative API receives requests for new tenants and supports all CRUD operations for your existing tenants.

This component interfaces with SaaS Application Web App, Azure AD B2C and SaaS Sign Up.

.NET 6 Open API Azure API App Azure SQL Database
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Azure AD B2C

Azure Active Directory B2C provides business-to-customer identity as a service. Your subscribers use their preferred social, enterprise, or local account identities to get single sign-on access to your applications and APIs.

This component interfaces with SaaS Application Web App, the Administrative API and SaaS Sign Up

Microsoft Identity Platform Open API
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Get Started in No Time

Azure SaaS Developer Kit (ASDK) makes it super easy to get your SaaS service online and offer various subscription plans.